Why I Write…

I have this blog because I give a damn about our stories.

For me? My story is that at the end of the day, I care about people and the authenticity of the stories they tell themselves and others. I’m an oddball who loves to laugh, connect with others and believes in doing her best at all times — and its because I believe that people deserve your best, people should laugh more often and that human connection is really all that is important in this life. And all of that works for me because it fits my nature perfectly — its who I’ve always been, no matter how cynical, superficial or confused I’ve been at times. So, I write here to hopefully express and share who I am on a consistent basis…in hopes that someone will connect with and/or learn from what I present. That’s my story.

Your story – what you are about/most passionate about – is what sets you apart from everyone else. It’s what helps you live a life that is fulfilling for you and meaningful.

So, what do you want to share with others? What are you about that no one else can offer in the exact way you can? What would you pursue if you had no fears or worries? What’s your story?


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