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There are quite a few people who I follow and read. One of them is Chris Guillebeau, creator of The Art of Non-Conformity: Unconventional Strategies for Life, Work and Travel.

Guillebeau has done a great job of carving out & communicating his story. When I think of him, I immediately think of free-thinker and spirit. And, as far as I can tell, that’s how he lives and it is who he is. Reading his blog and his great document on world domination (that is less than 30 pages long), constantly challenge me on how I can bring more of what I want from life into my regular habits and actions.

Two questions that I gathered from Guillebeau’s document on world domination were:

What do I really want?

What can I really offer?

Whether or not he realizes it, these two questions that he presents are essential for anyone trying to convey her/his story. You have to know the purpose of your story (what you really want) and how you can help someone else (why anyone should pay attention to your story) before you can even go another step. I know that I want to be a platform/catalyst for others in the pursuit of their goals and dreams. And I believe that I can help through conversations/connections with people, rooted in my understanding of the digital marketing space. That’s my story…or at least the very seedlings of it.

Reflecting on the two questions above, how do you begin defining your story?



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Sounds like such a calm and sweet word, right? A word that you would take home and speak in front of your sweet Grandmother, right?

But it does not mean any of that – it actually embodies disrespect. And I absolutely love it.

I have battled writer’s block for the past few days and it was because I felt pressure to write on certain topics because that is the “way” to say something of importance to people, right? But I start to freak out when I feel boxed in – I hate the feeling, I really do.

And I have realized why I love this delicious word – irreverence. It reminds of me of myself. I am sweet, responsible & driven most of the time…and then outta nowhere, I drop an f-bomb and wild out because it suits my mood. For no damn reason at all. And as I get older, I care less and less how I will be perceived. There was a time in my life when I was terrified to be viewed as irreverent — but now? I wholly embrace it. It reminds me that I am human, of the fighter spirit I have and that there is no one else exactly like me.

Irreverence. So damn delicious…



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Robert Billings,

Love Is Indeed A Battlefield

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Love Is a Battlefield

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I think Pat Benatar had it right when she sang “love is a battlefield” almost thirty years ago. Love is, and will always be, a space for our hearts’ inner most fears and desires to be won or lost for all to see. Love is just that motivating, inspiring dangerous and sometimes, simply nuts. And Valentine’s Day brings all the vastness of love to a head and often times, leaves some of us out in the cold.

That is, until social media showed up.

What with all the social media marketing efforts flying around for Valentine’s Day, such as being able to send loved ones an Angry Birds – themed Facebook valentine or sending a virtual gift from CBS’s Mad Love Facebook Page, it is easy to assume that Valentine’s Day has lost all of its remaining sentimental value. However, I would argue that social media is actually beneficial for all the lovers (wanna be and otherwise) out there. With tools such as Facebook, TwitterGrouponYelp or even a recent startup (that connects to Facebook to help people find local & gift recommendations that match a loved one’s taste), making plans and sending gifts has become a simplified process. Now, there is really no worry (nor excuse) to not have plans, a gift or even a simple status update to showcase your love for another on Valentine’s Day.

Check out this video from Socialnomics to see just how easy social media has made it for anyone who needs to pull together great Valentine’s Day plans at the last-minute:

So, the next time you are trying to win over a crush’s heart, solidify your love for your significant other or just not feel too lonely on Valentine’s Day, remember that social media is on your side — there to help you make love connections a bit easier to establish.

What do you think? Does social media hinder or help on Valentine’s Day?

Everybody…crowd around the campfire…the digital campfire that is

February 11, 2011 § 2 Comments


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I am fascinated with the growing integration of social media into the entertainment industry. And maybe I am fascinated because of all the industries that exist, the entertainment industry is the one that lends itself the most to social media. The entertainment industry is a space full of make believe, stories and human connection. It is full of illusions mixed in with authenticity but most of all, it is completely centered around human beings. Human beings telling stories with their words, voices, instruments, bodies, whatever — but human beings telling stories. And I love human beings and I love stories — so it is of course not a far leap that I would be fascinated by this intersection.

However, I am more specifically focused on how social media can help small and large brands within the industry. Take a look at the Facebook Pages for Bones and Grey’s Anatomy, two shows with a very strong following offline. By bringing these two shows online, these networks have given viewers an opportunity to not only bring the storylines into their everyday lives with updates, additional content such as Miranda Bailey of Grey’s Anatomy tweeting from the OR and/or sneak peeks of upcoming shows like Bones loves to do — but to also re-live the stories. And to me, the opportunity to re-live the stories that made you fall in love with a show, song, film, etc.. is what keeps you hooked. It is what brings you back time and again, hoping to extend that feeling.

Social media, and digital media in of itself, have become the 21st century’s version of a campfire. We all collectively watch the shows that we love and then we tweet and post about it as a way to bond ourselves not only to the content presented but also to bond with each other. The fact that I cannot watch Bones online with other people since I no longer have a TV actually bugs me a bit. I want to be able to watch it live, with everyone else who loves it as much as I do, and have a sense of camaraderie…a sense of community with my fellow Bones lovers. And as social beings, we all crave a sense of community — and social media allows us that venue, especially around the products, services and/or content that we love the most.

To be a part of connecting people with the communities and entities that they love so much…helping people to fulfill their passions and loves online and offline…it is such a gorgeous feeling to me. It is why I enjoy being a community manager so much – I get to connect with people, empower people and connect people with each other. So come, crowd around this new digital campfire where you meet others from all around the world who share a common love with you — and you all share your stories and maybe even create some of your own.

Music & Social Media = YES!

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I love music. And I love social media.

Which is why I am so excited for these two to come together.

There are so many developments within the music industry, and the entertainment industry overall, that I have been constantly reading about everything and waiting with bated breath for how things will develop to more closely integrate social media in the mix.

I am particularly curious about how social media can play a vital role in the expansion of an artist‘s influence and standing within the industry. It is still a new ground for many artists — still a new space for many of them to understand, develop let alone leverage to their own benefits. But I am of the opinion that it should be done if you are an artist, independent or not, who wishes to establish a name for his/herself within the industry. If you are content to create music & play gigs on a regular basis, then you can likely do that without having to enter the social media space. However, if you wish to scale your brand vertically (ie: gain more fans, increase engagement levels with fans, increase album sales, etc..), social media might be the right space for you.

Social media and music are like two distant lovers who are finally getting back in touch — and I am so freaking excited!!! There will be more posts surrounding these two topics to come – so stay tuned!

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