Sometimes…you ain’t got ish to say…and that’s cool too…

March 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

Usually, if I don’t have anything to say or write about – I just stay off of my blog.

But a good friend of mine just made a good point — I should write about not having anything to say. I mean, what brings us to that point where we lost all inspiration to create thoughts & words about the world around us? How do we become so disconnected that we just feel emptied out and hollow, with nothing to share? How does that happen? Is there a way to get it to stop? Or maybe it’s just a reflection of too many constraints placed on us?

I know the process of defining this blog has been really arduous for me. I made it into a big deal of what I should call it, how I should dress it up, what I should link to, what topics I should cover, the process of building a content calendar…and the list goes on. And now I’ve realized that none of that matters — what the hell is the point of dressing up the house if no furniture will ever be placed in it?

I’m sitting here, trying to make this blog ‘perfect’ (for who, God only knows) but forgetting about the most important part — actual freaking content. So, I said f–k it and just decided to write about nonsense. Why? Cuz I felt like it.

Life happens like that sometimes. No moral of the story here…no nice bow to wrap it up. Just…do you. Do ish in life because you want to…for no other reason than because you want to…and I promise you, you will be happy as a lark. Shoot…I feel better already.   😉


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