Music & Social Media = YES!

February 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

I love music. And I love social media.

Which is why I am so excited for these two to come together.

There are so many developments within the music industry, and the entertainment industry overall, that I have been constantly reading about everything and waiting with bated breath for how things will develop to more closely integrate social media in the mix.

I am particularly curious about how social media can play a vital role in the expansion of an artist‘s influence and standing within the industry. It is still a new ground for many artists — still a new space for many of them to understand, develop let alone leverage to their own benefits. But I am of the opinion that it should be done if you are an artist, independent or not, who wishes to establish a name for his/herself within the industry. If you are content to create music & play gigs on a regular basis, then you can likely do that without having to enter the social media space. However, if you wish to scale your brand vertically (ie: gain more fans, increase engagement levels with fans, increase album sales, etc..), social media might be the right space for you.

Social media and music are like two distant lovers who are finally getting back in touch — and I am so freaking excited!!! There will be more posts surrounding these two topics to come – so stay tuned!


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