Yes, I Am A Recovering Commitment-Phobe

February 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

I am afraid of commitment. And I am sure that that fear is derived from my fear of not being perfect.

I used to be (and sometimes still am) afraid of making important choices about my life (ie: where to live, what career to choose, what to wear, etc.) because I was afraid of standing out. I thought that I had to get everything perfectly aligned before I could make a choice. I would have “analysis paralysis” and that sucks because you spend most of your time watching life instead of living it. And it is a long-standing habit that I am breaking out of — this need to be perfect, which I now know as actually the fear of making a mistake.

You see, standing out is all about commitment. In order to stand out from a crowd, to make a statement with your voice/words/fashion/actions, you have to be committed to a perspective on life. You have to say to yourself – “this is what makes sense to me and I am going with it even if others won’t”. You have to come out from the shadows and be willing to have someone ridicule or dislike you, simply because of what you are committed to. Be willing to make mistakes and be willing to have someone not like you. It is alright – such is life sometimes.

And there is nothing more to say except to urge you to commit to what feels most right to you and just keep it moving. With that said, I leave you (for now) with these two quotes below. Enjoy!

“Life is waiting for your commitment, not your perfection” – Susan Taylor

“What do you want? You can’t want to be happy, because that’s too easy and too boring. You can’t want only to love, because that’s impossible. What do you want? You want to justify your life, to live it as intensely as possible. That is at once a trap and a source of ecstasy. Try to be alert to that danger and experience the joy and the adventure of being that woman who is beyond the image reflected in the mirror.” – “The Witch of Portobello”, Paulo Coelho



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