I Got A Praise On The Inside…

February 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

that I can’t keep to myself!

For all of you music lovers, those words are from “Praise on the Inside” by J. Moss.

And I have a praise that I need to share. I thank God, over and over, for not letting me give up on my love of singing. Ever since I saw The Little Mermaid at the age of 7, I have been in love with singing and music. And around the ages of 12-14, certain things happened in my life that left me convinced that I couldn’t and shouldn’t sing nor try to be creative. I was convinced that I had nothing to share with other people and that creativity was not for me.

But God wouldn’t let me forget how much I loved singing. God kept me singing in choir throughout college even when I wanted to quit sometimes and even when I definitely doubted Him. God kept me singing to myself at a past job as a way to relieve the sadness I used to feel there. God has kept me singing at and outside of work as a great way to express myself. God kept me seeking an outlet to sing – no matter how much I believed I didn’t have the talent nor skill for it. God kept the passion smoldering in my heart  – always.

And that smoldering passion, no matter how many times the fire almost died, is what brought me to an opportunity to sing by myself in front of other people in February 2010. And that opportunity led to other opportunities such as finding the perfect vocal coach to teach me valuable information & encourage me in just the way I needed. Or the confidence to sing freely in front of my friends, something I have never really done.

All of this, within less than a year, has led me to singing tonight in front of others with a self-confidence and enjoyment that I have never had. It feels beautiful to perform and it feels beautiful to express something with my voice. But it feels even more beautiful comparing where I am to where I was less than a year ago! Knowing the growth I have had is such a humbling and uplifting feeling – because I know I would not be here if it was not for God loving me enough to not let me give up on myself.


So, I don’t know where any of this is going or what might come next, but I know three things:

  1. I will continue to have faith in God and the purpose for which He built me
  2. I will continue to sing and perform
  3. Nothing is impossible…nothing.


Thank you God. Oh and enjoy the song “Praise on the Inside” right below!




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