How To: Accomplish Your Dreams

February 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

Magic wand

You want a magic wand for your dreams, right? No such thing.

One consistent step at a time.

That’s right folks – there is no magic wand here, no flip of the switch. There is just the simple (and yet frustratingly difficult) effort of taking that first step. But the real problem is that most people stop after a few steps. Most people run right back to where they came from in fear of what they may have just entertained. If you stop taking steps towards your dream(s), you will completely miss out on the most important part of any journey to success: continuing to take one step at a time.

Now, taking it one step at a time does not have to happen within a specific timeframe nor at a certain pace. However, it does need to be consistent. If you commit to blogging one post a month, then dammit, post once a month to your blog. If you plan to strum on the guitar for an hour once a week, then do it. If you schedule yourself for an hour of meditation on a daily basis, then do just that. And keep doing it.

You don’t have to commit to a huge challenge. And you shouldn’t have to commit to so little that it doesn’t even feel like a commitment. Whatever your dream is, commit yourself to an hourly/daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/annual activity that pushes you a smidgen outside of your comfort zone.

For instance, I have had this blog for almost three years but this is the first time that I have consistently written on a daily basis for more than two weeks. And when I started, I had these thoughts of me not having enough time or thoughts or whatever to actually post every day. Now, I am closing in on a month of this new habit and it feels like second nature to plan and write a post every day. I actually get really excited about it now – more so than I ever did before. And now I feel like a writer – accomplishing one of my childhood dreams. Where I will go from here? The sky is the limit…but I know that wherever it is, I will get there one consistent step at a time.


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