Artist of the Week: Ms. Lauryn Hill

January 31, 2011 § 2 Comments

The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

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“You might win some, but you lost one.”

Lauryn Hill sang this popular line in her song, “Lost Ones”, on her hit solo album The MisEducation of Lauryn Hill. That album was released about 10 years ago and many of fans have ridden off the high of it for the past decade.

Last night, I went to watch Lauryn Hill perform at the House of Blues at Showboat Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey. And I have to say, Lauryn Hill truly lost this one — this fan.

It’s strange – although I am disgusted by her 3-hour lateness, her apparent choice to say lyrics instead of sing them and her slightly harsh tone towards her band & the tech people at the venue, the better part of me was hesitant to fully accept the nonsense I had experienced. There was still a tiny part of me that still longed for the old Lauryn Hill. The Lauryn Hill from Sister Act, the Fugees, “If I Ruled the World“, “Lost Ones” and “Nothing Even Matters”.

However, after some reflection, I am convinced that the “old” Lauryn Hill is gone and is not looking to come back. Instead, I saw a woman who expects individuals to love her since she fashions herself as some sort of messenger. A misguided messenger who seems to believe that she should expect people to pay money to hear classic songs and instead give them a ‘listening party’ for remixed music (not even new music!). Unfortunately, she was right – we did follow her like lemmings…right off of the cliff.

That type of behavior reeks of a sense of entitlement and I hate that. But I think what upsets me the most is that I have been played — played like a flute. I had heard enough rumors about her poor performances & lateness. I had read about the disappointment fans were feeling towards the music she was performing at these concert appearances. But I just needed to reach down in my pocket, pay for the concert ticket and see for myself just how bad it really could be. I still wanted to believe that the “old” Lauryn Hill would come out from these rumors and prove that she was better than what had been said about her. Unfortunately, I was wrong. And the humiliation at being wrong, at getting money taken from you for something you should have seen coming? That burns the most — especially coming from someone who was deemed as trustworthy enough to put on a dope concert.

With all of that said, Ms. (Lauryn) Hill – you have indeed lost me as a fan and a patron. Fool me once, it is your fault…fool me twice and it is mine. And I refuse to be fooled twice by you and your antics…even if it hurts to walk away.


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§ 2 Responses to Artist of the Week: Ms. Lauryn Hill

  • Ethan Young says:

    until that void is filled, I m just going to continue to listen to my Miseducation of Lauryn Hill album and blasting “Lyte As a Rock”.

  • […] But this isn’t a post about Burger King or McDonald’s — instead, it’s a post about the importance of branding in an artist’s career. Or, in laymen’s terms, the story that an artist conveys. Pat Benatar, likely along with her team, was able to establish a brand that elicited the words “free”, “rock n’ roll” and “rebel” that still stick to her three decades later. Prince established himself as a brand – funky, free & unexpected. Madonna is a brand that stands for being a non-conformist. Lauryn Hill was a brand that stood for self-respect, self-love and authenticity (although she is ruining the hell out of that now). […]

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