It’s Like Birthing A Child…Writing That Is

January 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

I am terrified of having children. There, I said it…I am absolutely terrified. Terrified of the pain, of the stress upon my body & emotional psyche, the changes I will undergo, the health of the baby, the health of me and just the preparation for the child. And none of that includes the actual pain that occurs to push the damn baby out – ain’t that something?! Supposedly the pain is absolutely excruciating and has some women exhibit super-human strength and ridiculously foul mouths. All of that occurs to bring into this world a small person who could be great or terrible for the world. Leaves room for a lot of uncertainty, right?

That’s also how I feel about writing every day or writing anything like a book. As much as I love writing and enjoy it as a therapeutic process, I am full of uncertainty, worry, anxiety and fear about what to write, when to write, what content to actually create, etc.. Then, once I go through my mini-birthing process to actually produce content, I then worry and stress over how to improve the blog, the development of my writing style & voice, always having authenticity in the things that I write – I am getting anxious just thinking about all of it now.

And yet, I keep coming back. Am I a sadomasochist? Do I enjoy the pain, anxiety, fear? Maybe I also enjoy the excitement, passion & joy that is completely parallel to those other feelings? Maybe. Or maybe this is what having passion really is about – the willingness to suffer for what you love. The willingness to have a vision of yourself and to keep at it, even when you just want to give up. To keep pushing that baby out, to keep breathing in deep breaths and having another go at it – hoping this time will be the moment when you have produced something of value but knowing that if it isn’t, you are willing to go at it again.

Writing, just as any self-expressive art, is like birthing a child. What you create is your baby, your gift to the world. So, this is a post of encouragement to all those who are inexplicably drawn to expressing themselves in this world – keep on pushing because eventually, you will create something so beautiful & charming that the world falls in love with it…just like a newborn baby.


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