Community Managers: Bridging Art And Science

January 28, 2011 § 4 Comments

Take a look at the image on the left. No, seriously click on it and take a good look at it.

This is an infographic into the mind of an online community manager. I am completely biased when I say this, since I am a community manager, but I believe that this role is the linchpin between a creator and her audience. Without a community manager, online communities do not thrive and they certainly do not personally connect with the brand, business or artist. And, in my opinion, without community managers, too many miss out on the opportunity to transform the science behind social media into the art of human connection.

To learn more about what makes great community managers tick, read about these 8 Traits That Make a Community Manager to give you some insight of the personality traits that are highly valued. As a current community manager, I can say that the article is spot on.

In my opinion, online community managers are the most vital part of any social media effort because they aid brands, businesses, artists, etc. in finding, growing and bonding with its online community. They help brands, businesses and artists take all the engagement and fan information to turn into opportunities for human connection with the audiences. They hone in on a voice that is relatable to the audience and are tasked with having the deepest understanding of the audience and its members. And for the right person, being a community manager can be a highly fulfilling position albeit tiring, annoying & lacking gratitude at times.

The possibilities are endless for what can develop from the relationship between creators and audiences – check out this video of Paulo Coelho speaking on the great connection he has with his readers courtesy of social media & a potential invisible community manager.

Do you agree? Is being a community manager the most important role within social media?


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