How To: Determine & Pursue Your Passions

January 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

Earlier this week, I watched a video from Stanford University featuring Randy Komisar and his insights into determining your own passions and pursuing them. In the video, you can see it below, Komisar drove home the point of looking at your passions as a portfolio of passions instead of trying to strive after that one, ultimate passion that completely and wholly defines you. He also drove home the usefulness of focusing on how you utilize what is right in front of you to resonate with your ‘portfolio of passions’ instead of driving yourself nuts trying to determine the mark you are going to leave on this Earth.

Komisar’s video has been amazing for me this past week. You know how you read or see something but it doesn’t completely resonate with you until you come back to it at a later time? Yea – that’s what has occurred for me when I watched this video earlier this week. As I mentioned yesterday, I was trying to figure out the direction in which I want to take this blog and how to develop that. And I was struggling with fitting in all of my different passions — I am a highly enthusiastic, energetic and excitable person, so I get passionate about a lot of things, ideas and people. So how the hell was I going to choose, right? How could I possibly ever fit all of me onto one blog??? And then I watched this video and I realized that I didn’t have to fit all of myself into anything. That in fact, all I needed to do was focus on what excites me the most at this present time in my life — no worrying about my past interests or my future goals…just focusing on what excites me the most right now. And I realized that at this point in my life, I am most fascinated and excited by music and small businesses/brands and their intersections with the world of social media. I get excited when I think about all the prospects for growth for the music industry and the small business industry. I get really excited when I think about how people can use social media platforms to establish and grow their own selves as brands. I love it!

So, I figured I would write about it until I get tired of it all. When that will be? No idea. But for right now, I am pretty damn pumped about it and hope you take this journey with me. And if nothing else, take your time to figure out what you care about the most now and then figure out what is in front of you that can help you move in that direction. According to Komisar and Steve Jobs, your life actually doesn’t make sense until you look back and see how the dots all connect – so just lean into what works for you now and trust that the rest will make sense later.


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