January 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

As quickly as I have changed the layout and focus of this blog is as quickly as I will be changing it again.

And I am comfortable with that. I used to really freak out because I didn’t have answers for my future…so I would just sit still and hope the answers would come around. Now, I know different.

Now, I understand that the changing is going to come, regardless of what I do…but there is the off-chance that I might realize the new direction to take if I am actually taking action. I know I am changing my blog again – and I could leave it alone until I “figure” it out. But, I recognize the beauty and calm that comes with continuing to take a step forward even if you don’t know where you are heading. It is better to keep moving sometimes – just let yourself become acclimated to your surroundings and then make a choice, but never stop moving.

*Sigh* This is another post where I don’t have a freaking clue where it is going or why I am writing it – but I have to keep writing. If I stop writing, if I break my recent new habit, I will back slide again and stop posting for well over two months…which doesn’t get me anywhere.

So – I am writing in hopes I will make sense of what is changing for me internally…the process of becoming different…


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