Artist of the Week: Prince

January 19, 2011 § 1 Comment

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I love Prince.

And I would be a liar if I said I was always in love with him, always aware of his massive presence.

The truth is that I was not really put onto Prince until college. I know, I know…I am ashamed to even write that. But my love and respect for Prince has grown exponentially with time. I remain amazed that this 52-year-old man has me excited about his music, artistry and performance like a teenage girl’s excitement over her first real crush.

Last night, I was present to the amazement that is Prince when I attended his concert at Madison Square Garden last night. I rarely see artists who blow me away like that – who just make me cheese extra hard as soon as they step on stage & lose sense of myself. Prince did that for me last night. Prince invited me into his world and showcased a mere sampling of who he is, what he is about and the other-worldly beauty that covers him like a mist. He is truly, beauty in motion.

Now, I can go on and on about how excited he makes me feel, but I wanted to briefly focus on what stood out for me about him after I calmed myself down. His level of discipline was clear in everything that he did last night. Discipline, that developed skill of discipline, has carried him to this point. To a mastery of his voice, instruments and audience to play us all to his own desires – and all of that does not come without beating on your craft. Prince has beaten so much on his craft that he embodies all aspects of it fully when he performs & gives you an experience — so much so, that he leaves a 25-year-old young woman swooning for him like a damn teenager.

And you know what? I completely love it. Prince can make me willingly swoon any day. Listen to his live rendition of “Somewhere Here on Earth” and “I Love You But I Don’t Trust Anymore and tell me that you are not swooning too. Enjoy.


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