Calling all hearts…

January 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

Your heart is an amazing muscle that powers your mind. Your heart is the residence of your soul. Your heart is full of your body’s energy.

All of these statements speak to how your heart can be described, how the heart can be viewed from a myriad of perspectives and how it can play different roles.

And this multi-faceted aspect of the heart is the same as exists for us as human beings.

At times, we are just individuals doing what our brains will have us to do…have us operate as a muscle, lifting heavy mental/physical machinery. Then, other times, we are still and moving in tandem with the world — just following what it is that we feel in our spirits. And other times? Other times, we are full of playfulness and pushing that energy out into the world…looking for others to collide with our bodies and create something.

Why do I write all of this? Why do I write about some of the same things over and over? Why do I write? I write because it is a muscle I use to communicate, especially since sometimes I come across in a confusing manner even to myself. I write because sometimes I feel as if that is all I need to do on this Earth to play out my soul’s need to heal itself & others. And I write because it brings me joy – it reminds me of my childhood full of reading & writing and makes me smile because I feel self-expressed. I write because in all three “roles”, whether it is my mind, spirit or body, I always find solace and myself in my writing. Or writing always finds a way to make me recognize it. 🙂 Writing gives me a sense of balance across my mind, body and soul — I feel grounded, even as the words bubble up inside of me ready to come out…I feel grounded when I write. And I love that feeling — it makes my being feel at peace within itself and with God.

I wrote all of this because it was on my chest and more than anything because I needed my spirit to feel settled. And most importantly, because I believe I have finally realized something that I knew about myself even when I was age 6 — I am a writer. Funny how the very first occupation I wanted to be has always been here, sitting here with me…just waiting for my mind, body and spirit to all recognize what my heart already held. Ha! So, call your heart and when it picks up the line, be sure to truly listen — you might not even be surprised by what you hear. Calling all hearts indeed…thank you God.


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