Being An Artist

January 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

One of my best friends was reiterating to me a conversation she had with her boyfriend about being an artist. He told her that being an artist is something that you can’t help…something that you can’t stop yourself from doing. You just have to do it because you have to – it just compels you. And then he said that there are also those who want to be ‘artists’ in order to gain attention.

And I have been seriously sitting back and wondering – which person am I? Am I the one who creates because she has a compulsion to tend to? Or am I the one only seeking it for the sake of attention?

Or can it be both? Isn’t it in fact true that a crucial part of being an artist is the need for self-expression? The need to share yourself with others? And doesn’t sharing yourself with others require an audience…in essence, attention?

I think if one is going to be an artist, on any level of any kind, you have to be compelled by a need in your soul and a desire to share yourself/garner an audience for your work. What good would your work be without sharing it with others?


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