No Regrets

August 29, 2010 § Leave a comment

Just finished watching “Karate Kid” for like the fourth or fifth time. I LOVE that movie..and I really respect Jaden Smith. Forget what people think of the child’s attitude or whatever, he has heart. There are plenty of kids born of stars or ridiculously rich parents who have NO heart, no gumption, no drive…so puh-lease do not assume that this little Smith would just inherently be born with that. No…THAT is developed…discipline, focus and ambition are all developed and nurtured. So, he is a product of his parents’ parenting not just their money or stardom. Anyways, had to get that out of the way, lol.

But what I love about the movie, just like what I love about the “Pursuit of Happyness” or watching the YouTube videos such as this one about success or this other one or even this song by one of my favorite artists, Lupe Fiasco. I believe, IN MY SOUL, that people can achieve whatever they set their minds to — whatever. I truly do believe this.

I also believe in NOT HAVING REGRETS — I refuse to believe that I should (or ANYONE for that matter) live a life of mediocrity.  NO ONE SHOULD HAVE A LIFE OF MEDIOCRITY. NO ONE. But some people, are too scared to push for a life greater than mediocrity…some people are too stuck in the past…some people are too whatever…for some people, living a life of mediocrity and constantly saying “I can’t” is comfortable.

I don’t believe in just being comfortable…just being complacent. I enjoy being the best…I enjoy pushing myself to do things that I am not used to…things that I am scared of. I hate being scared and allowing my fears to control me or define my life — I absolutely refuse.

And I sit here right now…so full of energy and excited about the prospects of my future and what I will create in this life. And I am grateful to God for people providing comments to things that I write here and feeding me as much as they say that I feed them — I really do appreciate it, especially since I did not begin writing here for any other reason except for my own need for self-expression. Thank you God.


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