August 1, 2010 § Leave a comment


What a loaded word, right? For me, it means nothing and everything all at once — nothing and everything.

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted freedom. Freedom to do what I want whenever I so choose…freedom to pursue all of my dreams…freedom to create whatever it is that I wish.

And for a very, very long time, I thought that I needed permission from others in order to be free. I thought that I needed someone to allow me to be free…or someone to fight against in order to claim my freedom.

Now, I realize that the only entity that keeps me from my own freedom is me. I am the only one who can define my own freedom, the only one who can create my own freedom. And I have always wanted to be free…and how liberating is it to know that I choose and determine what that means at any point in time in my life? What a sigh of relief…

And I find that I define freedom not in where I go, what my career looks like nor in who I walk with — but I define my freedom in what I create. I want to create. I am now learning the deep difference between being creative and being a creator. I want to be a creator. Rather, I am a creator and I am on a path to practice my creativity. Because I want to be great at being a creator. Why? Let’s just say that constant learning and having serious drive are two old habits that I am not ready to let go of quite yet.

And the beauty in all of this? I don’t need anyone else’s permission to create. I don’t need any other entity’s permission on what I choose to create. I just do…just like Nike — just do it baby. Life looks great…and I am only just starting. 🙂


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