It bubbled up from my soul…

July 13, 2010 § Leave a comment

He looks at her through the rays of light

He can see her soul…even from his dark corner on the other side of the room

He knows what she truly desires…what she truly longs for

And he knows he can help her find it

As his eyes travel from her heart to her eyes

He sees the terror and excitement hiding behind the curtain of her eyes

He sees how she tries to hide her soul from him

How she tries to look away…

He smiles…he knows she is his

Her eyes grow wider as he comes closer

His scent…his body…his gait…all seem familiar to her

And that’s what scares her

How can she know him when she has never met him before?

Maybe in a dream…yes, that must be it…they must have met once in a dream…right?

She is scared to trust him…but she has already swallowed the red pill…

She is already here…must keep moving forward…she places her palm in his open hand…

She stands…unsteady…she takes a step forward…

…Down the rabbit hole…


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