I thought I was done for the night…

July 13, 2010 § Leave a comment

but my fingers and heart still have something to say…

for whoever actually reads this blog, understand that it is not going to be as polished or neatly packaged anymore…I feel it is time for me to just write in a free-flow manner here and see what comes out…instead of trying to edit for an imaginary ear/eye…nope…I am just going to put down what I need to get out and let the dust fall where it may…

“We’re all the same/and all so very different/defined by designed/yet all intertwined/ain’t nothing new/yet we’re all still changing” — Bilal continues to sing…continues to carry me some place farther with each line…farther into myself…I can feel it…

I miss my friend…this music makes me think of a friend who I have lost…and of friends who I may be losing…or maybe I am imagining it all? Or maybe not…sometimes your intuition knows things before your mind is ready to recognize them…I can feel myself drifting away from some friends…not for any other reason except that I am delving into myself again…and when I do that, I start paying attention to what influences I have around me…and what influences may not be right for me anymore. And how my influence may no longer be necessary or right anymore…

Hmmmm…I can always sense when my mind wants to take back over…when it wants to go back to sorting, organizing, tagging, etc. all of the things/experiences/individuals/feelings/thoughts in my life and making sense of it. Meanwhile, my heart just chills…she just chills and lets what will be…be. And for me, music always brings me back to my heart…no matter how far I stray from her…music…he always brings me back to her. Music always knows how to find my heart.

I wonder if I can find his…?


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