Here comes 2010…. :-)

December 6, 2009 § Leave a comment

Wow….it is already December 2009. I cannot believe how fast this year has flown and how much I have experienced in this short amount of time.

I have not traveled very much this year, nor have I tackled many world issues. But what I have accomplished this year is a greater sense of myself. It took me at least two years to wander around trying to figure myself out, trying to figure out what I wanted, trying to determine if I felt confident enough asking for it, etc. Trust though that I am still trying to find myself and get a firmer grip on who I am.

But I have become so much clearer than I even was six months ago. It is amazing how I began this year, saying that we all should be divine in 2009. Now, I do not know if I have been “divine” in the definition of being ‘supremely good’ or even being related from a deity. All I know is that I have relied more on my intuition/insight this year than I have ever done in the past. I have followed what my gut has told me and I am learning more and more to trust it — even when it may not seem as if I should be or when I falter and try to second guess my own intuition. In that regard, I have had a divine 2009 — a year full of discovering aspects of myself from my own intuition and insight. I have been able to divine parts of myself and am learning to own those parts.

I have a long way to go…I am sure that I do. However, all I know…all I know is that I am exactly where I need to be at this very moment…all I can do is keep on following my intuition, keep on praying to God and keep on trusting that there is a greater plan for me (even when I don’t see it). I will go through pain, rejection, sadness and so much more. But I have also experienced and will continue to experience so much love and joy that I am excited to see what 2010 brings. I am very eager to see what comes next…I am eager. Thank you God.

Update: I just re-read this post of mine from December 2008 — and it made me smile so very much because it reminded me of how much I have grown in my own self-awareness, expression and love. But more importantly, it has shown me how far God has brought me, on this journey through myself, in just one year. If all of this has occurred in just one year — I am too excited to see what is coming next. With God right by my side — it will always be all good. Thank you God so very much.

December 2008:


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