Being Beyonce

November 1, 2009 § Leave a comment

As I sit here, unbraiding my hair from these cornrows, I am reflecting on how my Halloween night went…and how I was left quite unimpressed.

But more importantly, I am reflecting on the importance of envisioning a goal and then setting out all the steps to get it. Take for example my Beyonce costume. I have been (constantly) talking about being Beyonce for Halloween, about learning the Single Ladies dance, and about just going all out and looking like Beyonce. So..I set my sights on doing just that…and I made sure I ordered leotard, shoes, and tights in time for me to try them on and complete the outfit. I also was sure to get an official wig and not half-step at all on any detail for this costume. Sooo…when it came time for me to be Beyonce for Halloween, there was no room for the possibility of me not being Beyonce.

On the other hand, when it came to the aspect of the parties I would attend during Halloween, I flippantly shrugged my shoulders and assumed that there would be plenty of parties at my disposal…therefore, I did not need to worry about that part too much (which probably led to my disappointment/annoyance this evening, but I digress).

Which leads me to my actual point – at a certain point, specifically when someone asked me about the parties, I made a choice at that very moment. I made a choice that being Beyonce was much, much more important than determining which parties I would attend on Halloween night. It was so important to me, that I had even learned the dance to perform if the song ever came on while at a party, lol. Which would also explain why I really wasn’t very mad about the party being a bust tonight — it was not of high significance to me. Now, if my wig had gotten messed up and I couldn’t wear it…all hell would have broken loose.

So, I guess I walk away with two things from this recent reflection. One, we all make choices at every moment about what is important to us and what is not important to us…regardless of whether or not we consciously realize it. Second, due to the fact that we are always making choices, being conscious of the ones that are important to you is very crucial in this life. If we spend all of our time trying to put our energy into spaces/people/etc. that we have already deemed unimportant, we are taking away time and energy from the spaces/people/etc. that are truly important to us.

So…I guess I am actually not annoyed that I couldn’t party like I wanted to this Halloween evening….annoyed I stood on line for a long time in painful shoes, but all in all, I accomplished what was most important to me – being Beyonce. 🙂

Question though — what is most important to you at this moment in your life?

Mine? Getting some food to eat, lol…check in with you all later!


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