Why Joe Biden Should Resign

October 15, 2009 § Leave a comment

I have to wholeheartedly disagree with Arianna. I think that it is important that Vice President Biden stands behind his words…I do. I also think it is healthy and sound for VP Biden to openly disagree with President Obama — it reminds us that our current administration is not going to always agree with each other and that is a fact of life. However, for VP Biden to resign? What good would that do for the administration, our country and the troops in Afghanistan? If VP Biden resigns, than that the throws the Obama administration into a complete upheaval — more than it has been through since its inception. Right now, the American people need our administration to be as stable as it can be…the American people are going through enough already than to have to deal with more upheaval, surprises and deep issues.

In regards to comparing VP Biden to those members of the Bush administration? It is definitely a stretch simply because those who were a part of the Bush administration were individuals who did not really speak out until AFTER all was said and done, AFTER so many of our troops died in Iraq and Afghanistan, AFTER they left or were forced to leave the Bush administration. Their public silence did the American people no good whatsoever because it did not let us know whether or not we had an ally within that administration for our opposing opinions.
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