Why Joe Biden Should Resign

October 15, 2009 § Leave a comment

During the Bush administration, the American people were treated as children who just needed to be told what to do…and that was how that administration was run from within as well.

So please, please — do not compare the two administrations on this issue. I would rather my President decide to do something I disagree with if at the very least I know that the debate has been had within AND outside of the administration. At the very least, I know that there is some actual discussion and thought occurring versus commands just being given.

Please Arianna — your call for his resignation sounds quite noble but quite frankly, not really best for the country. That is like me telling someone to quit their job when they have not set themselves up with a future plan — it is noble, feels good at the moment (and maybe even a few weeks afterward) but then stagnation­/upheaval/­fear, etc. sets in without any plan in sight.

So if you suggest VP Biden resign, please, please have a whole list of what our next steps will be to find a worthy VP candidate, handle the fallout of his resignation and the possible blacklash he would face for “abandoning” the country during its time of need.
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