What life would I lead if I knew how and when it all ended?

October 4, 2009 § Leave a comment

I have not written here in a while…hmm….it definitely has been quite a while.

I sometimes wonder if there is an expiration date on things. There must be, right? I mean, it would only make sense since my very existence has an expiration date, right? I know, I know…that sounds quite morbid….but it is honest and a bit raw.

We are all going to die some day, at some moment. We are all going to leave this Earth in the very physical forms that we carry around…all of us. Birth and death are the two constants for human beings — in fact, these lay the foundation for the framework within which we create our lives.

My birth — a birth on a Sunday evening in July. A birth, with a name given to me, filled with meaning and hope. My birth signified, for my parents, their very first child. My birth, for my parents, signified their only daughter. My birth has defined so much of who I am…or so much of who I believe I am. My zodiac sign(s), my birth chart, my highly pleasant association with the season of summer, even my love of specific numbers — they all have stemmed from my birth and the meaning(s) that I have given it.

But what if we worked backwards? What if we worked from the vantage point that someday we are al going to die? What if we focused on our death instead of our birth to define us? Would we do things differently? Would we take more leaps of faith? Would we push for love, happiness and excitement all the days of our lives, instead of just when we get older and reflect upon all that we might regret? Would we love with all of our hearts, even in the face of rejection, simply because we already knew that this would not be the moment to break us, to take our life? What would we do if we could see the end of it all?

What would I do? What life would I lead if I knew how and when it all ended?

Morbid thought? Maybe. Honest thought? Definitely.

Off to go and have some honest thoughts….until next time!


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