Creativity is the key to the future.

April 27, 2009 § Leave a comment

Sir Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity?

Just watch the video above. Then respond if you like, to my comments, to the video or both — whatever works for you.

While watching Sir Ken Robinson speak, I found myself agreeing with everything he was saying. So much so, that now he is a hero of mine. The man broke down exactly why things must change in our educational systems. I want to extend his argument to not just our educational systems but also in our workplaces as well. It is vital that creative expression be encouraged in our educational systems since the educational systems feed directly into the workplaces. And if children are continually taught to numb their creativity than we will continue to have working adults who have nothing fresh to offer their companies which correlates with a diminishing returns in regards to productivity for companies.

Now I am sure that some people will not agree at all with Sir Robinson nor will they see a need to change the status quo. And that is fine. But for everyone else who feels numb while they are at work, who feels completely separate from their body and mind — as if your mind is elsewhere but your body is in front of your desk, who feels completely uninspired and utterly drained by the time they leave work AND who cannot wait until Friday afternoon — that video link up above is for you.

You see, what Sir Robinson is touching upon is not just creativity in the boxed sense of music/dance/drama — no, he is speaking of creativity in its original open-ended conception of just any original thought. And we all have original thoughts..hell sometimes we even surprise ourselves. But we all have them…regardless of the last time you had one. They are there…they are just buried under all of the other junk in your life. So maybe it is time to get the other junk out of the way and just time to start looking for spaces of your own unique creative expression. Finding a space for it is just the beginning but you do have to begin somewhere, especially if you have not done it in an incredibly long time. We have to take our time in this creative expression process because we have to re-teach ourselves to embrace failing.

Basically, we as adults, have to re-teach ourselves how to enjoy failing because in that space of failure is where our original thoughts can take root and flourish. And if we don’t want our children to have to do the same, we should really take a hard look at whether we can even afford to continue to teach them out of their creativity.

Recent article from Sir Ken Robinson himself: Transform Education? Yes, We Must


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