April 3, 2009 § Leave a comment

I just finished watching Sex and the City (the feature film) and throughout the film, I thought about love and romantic relationships. I thought about the pain and the mending of  broken heart, dried up tears and empty arms. I wondered if love really is real….if it is truly tangible and sustainable. 

I cannot answer any of those questions about love — I truly cannot. However, I do know one thing. 

While watching this movie, I felt my now highly-developed cynical side running my thoughts — judging Big much harsher than I did when I watched it last year and not really believing that all could be well between Big and Carrie. Even at the end, when they got married – I was slightly unimpressed with the whole ending — although last year, I burst into tears at that scene. 

It wasn’t until I saw the scene at the very, very end, when Big surprises Carrie with her best friends in the whole world and they all reunite with their extended families and loved ones — that is when I burst into tears. That is when I realized what love really is….love is people who know you, fight with you, help you and still love you through all of your twists, turns, up and downs. 

I may be cynical about romantic love…I am not sure how long I will be cynical about it….but for right now, I am dwelling and basking in the love of friendship.


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