Daylight Savings Time – It Can Change Everything…

March 9, 2009 § Leave a comment

I love how I am still wide awake right now….why, you may ask?

It is all due to Daylight Savings Time…that hour that we have lost has my body operating as if it is 11:07pm instead of 12:07pm. But I am damn sure I will feel it tomorrow morning….lol

But this change in time got me thinking about how a simple change in time or perspective can completely alter the way in which we interact with life. I mean, my body will now adjust to a completely different time frame than it has been for the past several months. My mind will also be adjusting — with more light outside, I already feel prone to go outside, enjoy the weather and explore the world as I usually do when it is warm outside. Already, I am beginning to feel lighter and have a bit more of a spring in my step than I do during the winter months. And I am even riding the bus more often which is always a sign for me that I am ready to be outside again. And all because a small change on my clocks….that small change and I quite possibly feel like a new person, lol.

Now imagine if it is a change in perspective? An actual, conscious choice to actively view life in a specific way? Imagine how that could very well change your life…

Just a thought, right?

….but isn’t that how it always starts anyways? 😉


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