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Poor Child…

Someone please tell me that there is a justification for any such outcome. Someone please come up with something really good so I can tear the ish apart.

I have kept my mouth shut on this Rihanna-Chris Brown abuse case because there were more than enough people weighing in with their opinions. But this ish is just ridiculous.

Looking at this image listed below says all. There is nothing else to say….NO ONE DESERVES THAT. I do not care if you are in an argument and someone has cheated on you and given you seven STDs, NO ONE DESERVES to be hit….NO ONE. I got so sick of hearing all the crap that people would try to have as justifications for Rihanna being hit….there is NO JUSTIFICATION…NONE. And Chris Brown is an idiot for hitting her….if not because it is beyond humane to hit someone, if not because his rage should have been maintained a long time ago especially since he grew up in an abusive home situation, if not to save his career, then at least to spare himself the shame he will always feel that he has become the step-father that he hated beyond words. A pure idiot.

I mean for Chris Brown to ball up his fists and punch Rihanna in the head, in the face?! To me, that is past anger….that is plain rage and a complete lack of respect for that individual. You cannot punch someone in the face if you have any respect or love for them – you just cannot. And he is a fucking punk…any man who hits a woman…ANY MAN WHO HITS A WOMAN IS A FUCKING PUNK. But above all else, violence in a relationship, in the home — it never leads to anything positive. All violence does is create resentment, unexpressed anger, pent-up rage, and destructive ways of handling emotions. Violence on both sides is reprehensible but violence from a man to a woman?!?!

I know how it affects a person, the long-term effects it has on one’s psyche — it does much more than you leave with bruises. I know individuals who have been beaten and I know individuals who have beaten others. It is a sick cycle to put someone in and it is not an easy one to get out of — and having seen both sides of the equation, I still believe that ANY MAN WHO HITS A WOMAN IS FUCKING PUNK. Period. End of story. Chris Brown…hmmmph…damn fool…damn fool…

Rihanna just needs to be strong enough not to go back to him….and to get some counseling herself so she doesn’t end up repeating this with another man. And both are so young….oh goodness gracious…


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