Passion Amidst “Reality”

February 15, 2009 § Leave a comment

Is it possible to be completely uninhibited in this life? Is it truly possible? Or does the “reality” of the hardships of life get in the way and weigh one down? And if “reality” does in fact always get in the way and weigh one down, is it really worth it to attempt to live an uninhibited life?

I just finished watching Music From Another Room, a movie in which an impassioned man believes he is fated to be with an engaged woman and throughout the entire movie he strives to be with her. I will not spoil the ending for you, but it is a movie that makes me think about the existence of passion and drudgery in this life — can the two actually co-exist or does one drown out the other? Does one win out over the other?

Or do they actually exist in a symbiotic relationship? Maybe the drudgery is necessary for the passion to be fully appreciated and sought after? I guess it is the same reason excellence is so highly rewarded….mediocrity must exist in abundance for excellence to stand out and be rewarded. So although this drudgery of everyday life seems to never go away, it is the passion for life that keeps us pushing and wading through the muck.

What else would keep us moving?

It must be the optimist in me that always has to make sense of things in a positive way…it must be…hehe…I really am positive to a damn fault….lol..


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