Becoming my words….

February 13, 2009 § 1 Comment

Your beliefs become your thoughts.
Your thoughts become your words.
Your words become your actions.
Your actions become your habits.
Your habits become your values.
Your values become your destiny.
” – Gandhi

In reflection of the above quote and my recent ranting about my job, I have decided to re-focus myself on the positive aspects of my current situation. I hate to dwell upon the negative aspects of things for too long…not so as to delude myself from the reality but so as not to get myself stuck not actually taking any action. Action always negates fear….always. So here is my transforming of fearful/negative perspectives to motivated/positive stances. 🙂

“I can’t” to “I choose to focus on the fact that I can create whatever I wish for my life, regardless of how bad things may appear.

“I don’t want” to “I desire a career in which I am continually encouraged and empowered to grow, learn, and be my best.”

“My problem is” to “My opportunity is to create a career for myself with a substantial amount of work experience to provide a great platform for my impressive resume.”


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