I am inspired…

February 8, 2009 § Leave a comment

by a young man who I know from my alma mater…

he is on the cusp of graduation from said school and his brilliance, his talent, his drive, but most of all his self-reflection floor me every time I see him. I do not see him often because we are each leading our own lives, but when I do — I always find myself yearning to push at my own limits and dare myself to delve into my own potential.

I am sometimes quite hard on myself for not getting to “there”, that intangible and very real “there” that will allow me to believe that I finally tapped into my potential. But is there ever really a “there”? Who knows? But all I know is that there is more for me to offer than what I am doing right now in my life…working in an office where people are uninspired? Yea…not for me. God willing my plans to bust out of that space will work and I will shift into a space that is conducive to my unique mix of left-right brain activity, lol. I love trying to make things happen, creating things, singing, dancing, connecting — all right brain. But I also love making sense of things, producing hardcore results, being logical, and I am quite pragmatic when it comes to the world — all left brain.

So, when I speak with, listen to the spoken poetry, and just watch my young friend do his thing — I am inspired to keep pushing myself, keep pushing at the world to create a space for myself. Cuz that is all it really amounts to in this world…either we create spaces for ourselves or someone else creates the space for us. And I am of the firm belief that we HAVE to create our own spaces otherwise we will suffocate ourselves…most definitely. And who wants to live a confined life?

So I say thank you to my young friend for reminding me of why I push so hard on myself and on life itself to create a space for myself to be free in this world…..thanks JB. Keep doing you and keep inspiring people!

Check out his mind here:
Bruce and Carrie\’s Son


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