I ain’t got time…

February 7, 2009 § Leave a comment

So it has finally happened…

I have finally arrived at this point…somewhere I did not ever really see myself landing..

The point of FUCK MEN!…where so many other women are at this very moment…

I always thought that I was ahead of the curve by being able to see both sides of the coin, by having empathy/sympathy for the male perspective…by loving to hang out with a group of men much more than a group of women. I always thought that I had skipped over the whole “fuck men!” stage that so many women go through or just get stuck at.

But now I realize that I was just meandering my way to this space…to this space where I am angry enough to quit putting up with the bullshit that so many boys/men spew.

You see, I have usually prided myself on being able to be there for people of all walks of life…but now I realize that I have to be much more careful in how I spend my time and energy and with whom. I knew this, logically, but I just had not gotten burned enough times to really be watchful of my empathetic heart.

You see, I have guy friends who only want to hang out with me when they are good and ready, not before and not after. Who only want to talk to me about their lives, their situations, their issues but don’t really have much to offer when I need a shoulder. Guys who don’t hear a freaking word I say or who try to pretend that they are really not emotionally sensitive as they really are. Frankly, I say to these fools — get over yourselves. It is not that deep if you feel emotions every once in a while or if you show a friend that you actually enjoy hanging out. Or even if you actually value the individuals in your life by actually checking up on them without trying to find a way to talk about yourselves.

…..that felt great to write and get off of my chest….lol…

Anyways, this is an official write-off to all of the boys/men in my life who have been interacting with me with only their half-hearted attempts at friendship. I do not have the time nor the energy anymore. Nor do I really care. Your issues, problems and situations will be resolved one way or another – with or without my input. And I realize my responsibility in what our friendships have become — I have, for too long, played the role of the caring, mothering and always available friend. No more. I ain’t got the time. I want guy friends who can pick me up when I need them to (at least some of the time instead of none of the time) and who can just give a damn about someone else besides themselves.

If you read this and you feel I am speaking about you — well, then you better prepare to not really see me around that much anymore. I have bigger fish to fry and better guy friends to find. Ciao!


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