I just wanted to say….

January 25, 2009 § Leave a comment

I am excited about life right now, in the midst of the heavy economic, health-related, housing, and educational issues (just to name a few), because I firmly believe that times like this encourage innovation. When one’s back is against the wall, there is no choice but to think and develop and implement new ideas and new ways of looking at situations. That innovation, development, and implementation all excite me to no end — not just because I love ideas and making things happen but also because innovation reflects a sense of hope for a better future.

At this moment, a moment that is defining a generation, we will learn who we really are as Americans and as human beings. And I believe that beyond all of the cynicism, beneath all of the anger and hurt — people want a better future for themselves and maybe even for future generations. This moment of dire straits – this moment is forcing all of us to extend ourselves beyond our normal selves, beyond our usual restrictions by fear and cynicism. This moment is forcing us to push ourselves a bit further and a bit harder because quite frankly, we have no choice to do otherwise.

So let us push and step out on our faith in faith itself, in our country, and in ourselves. Let us step out on faith.


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