“The cheese to my macaroni”

January 18, 2009 § Leave a comment

I just finished watching Juno — yes, yes I am slow on the uptake in regards to this but what an awesome movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I completely loved Juno — she had so much spunk and she was smart and cool. I think I might want my child to be like her…independent, self-reliant, and yet not jaded enough to give up on wanting to believe in eternal love.

The movie just gets better as time goes on and I love movies like that, even if you can predict the ending. I just love movies that age like wine ages.

Anyways, I do wonder sometimes whether there is such a thing as eternal love. I know that it is not something that just happens nor is it anything so tangible and easy to obtain. However, I do (on a certain level) believe that it is possible to find, if not an eternal love, at least a love that is the “cheese to one’s macaroni”.

What would that be like? To be with someone and go together so well that you cannot understand what anyone else sees in anyone else but that person? To be with someone and it just feels “totally boss”? What does that feel like? What does it look like? Does it feel like hot cocoa, a movie, comfy pillows and a warm blanket? Just right maybe? Does it feel like warm sunlight on your face? Does it sound like an orchestra that pulls you in with its music, drawing warm, beautiful tears from your eyes that you do not regret at all? Does it smell like fresh baked bread? Does it taste like warm apple pie and slightly melted vanilla ice cream? Does it look like macaroni and cheese, so melted together that you cannot tell any of it apart? LOL

Hmm…I just wonder….the cheese to my macaroni….


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