Freedom = Responsibility

November 15, 2008 § Leave a comment

Sounds scary, doesn’t it?!

The concept that I am only really free when I am completely responsible for all of my thoughts, words, and actions sounds a bit backwards, right? I mean, why would being responsible for anything equate to freedom when we usually envision freedom as being completely untethered?

Well…just bear with me a second as I try to explain this one.

Imagine that you are a hot air balloon and you are tethered to the ground by all of the things that you believe are holding you back in life – your ex-boyfriend, your parents, your husband, your lover(s), your apartment, your job, your kids…whatever…something somewhere is holding you back. And each of those ropes that is holding your hot air balloon to the ground vary in their thickness and their weight, but they each are holding you back from your “real” life.

So here you are, the hot air balloon, tied to the ground by all of these things and you feel slightly stuck, bored, uninspired, whatever it may be that has you wishing sometimes that you were someplace else. Now imagine that you can untie each of these ropes. But the only way that you can untie these ropes is by being responsible for them. Bear with me still…lol.

If you choose to just focus on your role in a situation, no matter how minute it may seem, you will begin to realize that where it appears as if you have no choice — you actually do have a choice. Now, this is not easy…not by any measure. But when you are start looking at each rope, looking for the part where your contribution begins — you will be able to find space for you to change your outlook, your behavior and/or your approach.

Focusing on your input and recognizing that you can do something about it is the first step in becoming responsible. You don’t have to want to be responsible quite yet, but acknowledging your contribution is huge because most people never get to this first part.

I am not going to go much further with this one for right now….just try and focus on your contribution in a situation at work, home, with friends, wherever that is really really frustrating the hell out of you. See if you can find where your contribution quite possibly begins.

And if you can’t see it and you want to see it, then look a bit harder. If you don’t want to see it, then you probably stopped reading this post before this point….lol.


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