I Got It….

October 17, 2008 § Leave a comment

It has finally clicked. Even after all of the books I have read this past year, even after the Landmark Forum course that I paid a good chunk of money for, even after hearing it all the time in music, films, books, the laughter of young children — it JUST now clicked for me. Hahahhaha…well, they always say that when one is ready to get it, one is ready to get it. And I get it. Hahahahahhaa….I finally get it. After watching a scene from “Under A Tuscan Sun”, I finally get it.

We spend our entire lives, or at least a good chunk of it, running around in circles, worrying ourselves with our made-up stories of not being good enough for love and for the beauty of just being. We spend our entire lives hoping, beyond hope, but never really believing in life, in love, in beauty, in hope, in peace.

But you see children….young children believe. They have no reservations, no worries, no barriers to the joy — they just throw their heads back, smile brightly, and let their peals of laughter fill all ears who are nearby. Children don’t try to place things in a box, don’t try to cut themselves off from other people, don’t carry around their hurt forever — no, children just exist. They simply and exquisitely exist.

Many of us, especially myself, are always seeking how we can regain our childhood innocence and how we can maintain it.

But the fact of the matter is that there is nothing to get, nothing to maintain — hahahaha, even reading how I could think of existence is funny. But it makes sense since we are taught that the world is dangerous, that the world is sad, harsh, and unfortunate. All of these are true….deeply true. However, we were all taught only one side of the discussion. You see, unfortunate, harsh, sad, and dangerous cannot exist without beauty, safety, joy, and gentle. Remember that for every “bad” thing in this world, there is a “good” thing — and remembering that is cause for a smile if not laughter.

The keeping of one’s childhood innocence is the key to happiness in life.

Hmmm….so simple…..

I am remembering my inner child, I am hugging her, and I am not letting her go ever again. She keeps me grounded and she brings the laughter up from the back of my throat. And for that, I truly am grateful to here.

I so got it now…. 🙂


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