Live From The Presidential Debate…Part 3

October 16, 2008 § Leave a comment

IHere I am….once more…ready to see the final round, lol.

This debate tonight is going to either make or break Senator John McCain’s run for the Presidency…or at least that is what everyone is saying.

I personally am not sure whether or not tonight will make or break it for Senator John McCain…all I know is that these past three debates are being watched by SO many people and that is an indication of the huge political interest people have for the first time in a long time.

Bob Schieffer is so adorable and small…lol. And this debate actually is going to allow the presidential candidates to have a real conversationĀ  — let us listen.

Tonight….we are listening to see

It is interesting to hear what Senator McCain has to say about putting homeowners first. I wonder if we do indeed stabilize the housing market, if it will really help the economy. It sounds interesting but I wish McCain would flush it out more. This

Senator Obama wants to focus on:

Jobs – tax credits for companies not to ship jobs overseas

Families – tax cuts for people making less than $200k

Homeowners – get homeowners to renegotiate their mortgages

Long-term – Energy policy, education policy

Tax Policies:

Obama: Cut taxes for 95% of American families….for those who make underneath $250,000 a year. 98% of small business make less than $250k. Obama seems to be saying that we

McCain: I am intrigued to know what McCain’s tax policy is….he has yet to elaborate on it and keeps speaking about Joe the plumber. McCain wants to cut people’s taxes and incentivize businesses and NOT spread the wealth around. Very interesting.

Social Programs and the Deficit:

I do find it interesting that the uncommitted Ohio voters are not really listening to Obama as much as they are listening to McCain. I wonder if that is because people are highly curious to see how McCain is going to do during this debate. All I know is that right now, Obama needs to answer this proposals question directly. We know where he is coming from, we know what he is about — but we need to know what exactly he is going to do. And he doesn’t seem to be answering that completely, but speaking more generally about changing American culture to make us less materialistic and get us to focus more on living our lives in the best way.

McCain wants to have a an across the board spending freeze on the government and he is speaking a lot about stabilizing the housing market and how America needs to be energy independent. He also speaks about how he is going to get rid of the pork barrels and earmarks.

Finally, John McCain has said directly to Obama saying that he is NOT George Bush and said “if you wanted t run against George Bush, you should have run four years ago” – a great line and I don’t even like McCain-Palin.

McCain is truly coming out swinging….he really is coming out swinging and attacking Obama’s Senate record and I believe that he is really trying to get Obama ruffled so that he can catch him off guard. McCain is attacking Obama’s character and he is attacking his character hard. He even brought up Obama’s backpedaling on the campaign finance reform — he is trying to plant the seeds of doubt on Obama as a person. Unfortunately, I am not sure if enough American people have been hit hard yet by the economic problems that are going on right now. I am not being hit hard by economic problems, not at this point (thank God) — so for me, the personality and whether or not I can trust the candidate is still something that still resonates with me.

Okay now McCain is losing me here…he is talking about hurt feelings right now and I wish they would stop speaking about hurt feelings, mean comments, and nasty words and start talking about WHAT exactly they are going to DO when one of them gets into the White House. It is very interesting that McCain keeps trying to attack Obama and try to get people to doubt Obama and not trust him. It is sickening and upsetting to me because McCain has yet to tell me what he is going to do for the United States of America. McCain knows that trying to get Americans to mistrust Obama plays into people’s fears of hiring an African American man to be the next President of the United States of America. And before this point, I did not agree with McCain but I just cared very little for him….but now, I am thoroughly disgusted with Senator John McCain.

Senator John McCain is a liar, he is judgmental, he twists words consistently, he has a terrible temper and he is ridiculously rude to Obama. I do not like Senator John McCain…I really do not at all.

I am worried about the result of this debate — it does not appear as if John McCain is failing in this debate at all….and the expectations have been so low for him for a while now…so he is basically doing what Palin did — be dumb enough that people do not expect anything from you and then come out swinging. Americans have amazing amnesia and Obama has to drive home why he is the best option and McCain is not. However, I have to say that Obama is at least sticking to who he is, through and through, even if that means he does not get ridiculously riled up and attack McCain’s character.

McCain truly looks like he is about to internally combust….his temper is something that I really am not comforted by at all. McCain is really about to combust….he really is. What a mess. McCain wants to tax people’s healthcare benefits — amazing. McCain is so going to implode…..he really is.

Obama: Government works to take care of the people, especially given the fact that our government has left us standing in the cold for the past eight years.

McCain: You take care of yourself and not be covered by government, especially at a time like this when we need our government to take care of us.

Before tonight, I ignored John McCain and dismissed him as a cranky old man. However, after tonight’s debate, I have no respect for John McCain as a man, as a presidential candidate, and as a senator. He has devalued himself in my eyes through his temper, his ridiculously demeaning manner of speaking to and about Obama, and his blatant lies.

I truly do not care at this point in time who either of these candidates have been associated with, what they used to do, or who they used to be. I want a President who has solid ideas of how to get America back on its feet and moving forward again. I want a President who can keep a level head in times of trouble and does not just act on an impulse. I want a President who can act with respect and confidence when speaking with people he does not agree with at all. I want a President who can help Americans to restore our own faith and faith from foreign countries in our country. But most importantly, I want a President who cares about the social issues in this country and actually help American people instead of throwing these issues back in our faces and tell us to figure it out for ourselves. I truly do.

And although McCain did in fact come out swinging tonight, he came out swinging in the dark.


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