Live From the Presidential Debate…Part 2

October 8, 2008 § Leave a comment

So I am actually able to write about this Presidential Debate — I wrote what I had to write earlier. Thank God for that.

On to the debate….

This presidential debate is the only town-hall type of its kind in these presidential debates. Just one month left until this election comes to a close.

Alright….so there have now been two questions lobbied towards both of the presidential candidates….and I am sickened to say that Senator John McCain seems to be answering the questions head on while Senator Barack Obama is slightly answering the questions and is doing more of campaigning as if he is speaking to large crowds.

Wow — Senator John McCain just attacked Senator Barack Obama and the Democrats in Congress by linking him to Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae and spoe about Obama’s “tie” to Fannie and Freddie. And Senator Barack Obama just smiled and I am laughing too because Senator John Mccain should not attack Senator Barack Obama when thinks things are already against him. NOT A GOOD MOVE MCCAIN — hilarious!

Now my dear candidate, Senator Barack Obama just got back at McCain’s campaign advisor for his ties to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and answered the next dude’s question head on and very well.

However, I want to point out the reading from the uncommitted Ohio voters and how their interest in what Senator Obama says, for both female and male voters, spikes through the roof while for Senator McCain — the readings really tend to drop towards the zero line or even below zero. It is really, really interesting. I wonder if people are turned off by what he has to say, don’t enjoy watching him, or just do not agree with a thing he has to say. Whatever the reason, Senator McCain does not seem to read well with uncommitted Ohioan voters. At least not at this point in the debate.

It is also interesting that Senator John McCain speaks of himself as a reformer and speaks of bipartisanship — however, we all know that he is not.


Tom Brokaw is a trip —  freaking hilarious! Both of these candidates refuse to listen to him and the time constraints…hilarity. I like Tom Brokaw.

A spending freeze excet on “defense, veterans affairs and other vital programs”? — What is Senator McCain speaking of?! Shouldn’t we be focusing on other things as well besides defense?

Senator Obama — incentives to buy a fuel-efficiet car, young Americans serving America serves.

Watching Senators Obama and McCain is a trip to me…it really is….they both are very different personalities and their interactions amuse me.

Earlier today, I read about what both candidates would need to do in order to win this debate and I was hoping that McCain would focus solely on the economy and his plans for the economy and not so many attacks on Obama. Unfortunately, McCain did not read that article. McCain seems intent on attacking Obama in just about every response that he gives and it puts Obama in the space in which he thrives the most. Obama thrives in a position of just responding to attacks with poise and confidence. That really works for Obama and Obama does not allow himself to become too flustered — however, Obama does not like to answer the question right away. He is a natural storyteller just as I am — maybe that is why I like him so much. I believe that Obama is not only amazing at telling stories and capturing people’s attentions but also he is a big picture thinker and is able to paint a big picture when he is explaining his plans and his thoughts.

Anyways, I think Senator John McCain is a nice guy and he even seems like a kind of funny guy — however, he is not commanding as a speaker nor his he that engaging when he speaks. Also, Senator McCain tends to lick his lips after he is finished speaking….very interesting.

Can we pay attention to these uncommitted Ohioan voters?! They are really spiking everytime Obama speaks….soooo interesting.

Why does Senator John McCain always say “my friends”? Why does he also believe that he is the one with a steady hand to lead us into foreign countries when he seems to have issues running his own presidential campaign? Am I being too hard on Senator McCain? Am I being biased? Yes…I am. However, I never claimed to be a supporter of the McCain-Palin ticket. LOL

Why does Senator Barack Obama sometimes get caught up in giving history lessons, especially when he is answering questions on foreign policy? It is interesting to watch. Well, at least he has Senator Joe Biden in his corner.

How many heroes does McCain have? Roosevelt? Reagan? Why are these different men his heroes? Especially when Roosevelt was for social welfare and Reagan was not — so are they his heroes because of their characters or due to their policies? Interesante….interesante.

Senator McCain should stop making the jokes he is making….the audience is not laughing, probably because they are not supposed to respond — but either way, it appears as if he is telling bad jokes which makes him look silly.

It is apparent, however, that Senator Obama may understand what needs to occur in regards to foreign policy, however, he is not that adept at answering those questions. However, I once again go back to Senator Joe Biden as Obama’s VP AND also mention that President John F. Kennedy, his lack of experience, and his great handling of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Now — maybe this was not the most unbiased report of a debate — but I have been an Obama supporter since the fall of 2007. I watch these debates to see if there is anything that McCain can do to sway me…and now, at the close of the second presidential debate — I am still unswayed by Senator John McCain.


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