Live from the Vice-Presidential Debate

October 3, 2008 § Leave a comment

Here I am once again….let us see what comes of this particular debate.

If there is one thing I know – a lot of people are tuned into this debate because they really want to know whether or not either of these Vice-Presidential candidates is truly prepared to be a heartbeat away from the Presidency.

I have to give kudos to Governor Sarah Palin for looking at the camera and connecting with the American people — I wish Senator Joe Biden would look into the camera. She even is winking at the camera and trying to connect with the audience and also looking at Joe Biden.

It is very interesting to listen to Palin and realize that she is very much like Senator Barack Obama in the sense that she is charismatic, can connect with American people, and seems like someone who you could actually talk to. Now, the question is — talk about what? Do I think I could talk to her about healthcare, the economy, or even my job security? No…but maybe I am wrong to think people, even “average Americans” are not concerned about some of those things…maybe.

Finally — Joe Biden is looking at the camera!!! And he is getting a bit fired up. I loves it. 🙂

Back to Palin: Governor Sarah Palin is holding her own with her personality but she is really not answering any questions — I am still waiting for her to answer the question directed to her about John McCain’s history of being on the side on deregulation. She talks big concepts but doesn’t necessarily support them with any facts or any actual details.

Palin speaks about “doing what is right for the American people”, “helping Main Street”, the “terrible greed of Wall Street”, “the maverick that is John McCain”, and the “average Joe Six-Pack” — however, she doesn’t drill down to speak to what exactly she will do with an outline at all. I am still waiting for the details…

And she keeps coming back to energy plans and energy independence even when healthcare, the economy, and the education are also being discussed. And now as she is speaking about her expertise, energy independence, she doesn’t seem to have any plans or results to speak to — it is very interesting. She also speaks a lot of the same rhetoric from the Bush administration — an “us against them” mindset that has not really helped us get anywhere in the past eight years.

Sidenote: Where in the HELL is all of this money for spending, for tax cuts, for anything else — where in the hell is it all coming from?!!?!??! All of these billions and millions that both sides speak of — where are they coming from? Oh! I forgot…the American people. Fantastic, isn’t it?!

Back to the debate: It is very interesting listening to how she sounds EXACTLY like Senator John McCain — they have coached her…they truly have. And I don’t care what anyone thinks about people saying the media and everyone else should go nice on Sarah Palin – if she wants to be the Vice-President of the United States of America, she needs to buck up. So I am very glad that Biden is not scared to try and get her to directly answer questions.

Biden looking for answers from Palin: And so the stumble begins!!!! I have been waiting for Governor Palin to showcase a bit of her foolishness from her Katie Couric interview, I have been waiting for her to get confused from reading off her cue cards….she keeps spitting out these half-truths, specifically on this funding for the troops. It is very interesting to see her continued repetition of the lines she has been fed although holes have been punched through them before this debate and even during this debate by Senator Joe Biden.

And now onto foreign policy — let us see how Sarah Palin holds herself up against Joe Biden in this arena. And here she is, once again, pushing this issue about Obama and his statements to have sit-downs without preconditions — WHO is she to say that Obama is naive and inexperienced?!?! WHO IS SHE?!?!! How dare she speak about women’s rights when she is not at all even on the side of women’s rights what with her charging women for rape kits in her own state, Alaska!??!

Also, I AM SO SICK AND TIRED of hearing all of this bullshit about this dangerous people and these “bad guys” – I understand we live in a dangerous world….but this is not a damn comic book! Are we in a fucking comic book — evil vs. good?! This is NOT “Heroes”! I love that show….but 1. the lines are never that clearly drawn in the sand and 2. John McCain has NEVER WON a war, he has just been in won. Nothing to take away from his service….but he has not won any war.

As Senator Joe Biden just said — I haven’t heard ANYTHING yet from Sarah Palin! Governor Sarah Palin has yet to give ANY accounts of substance…she has NOTHING to say…just all about what we “need” to do. And it is amazing to me that Sarah Palin believes that all of the rest of us have been in the same hole that she has been in all of these years. She acts as if Americans have no concept of what is really going on in the world outside of us — with the growth of our technology, we have much more access to information to better understand that the war is NOT going well at all and that we are losing this war in Iraq.

“He knows what evil is”/”Wasila, Main Street”/”A bit more authority to the Vice-Presidency”/”He is the man that we need to leave!” – Did Sarah Palin just say these things!?

Back to Palin: Governor Sarah Palin is a nice lady, she is even a funny person sometimes…a bit snarky, but I guess that is why they call her a barracuda. However, this debate has now shown me that Governor Sarah Palin is a simply a barracuda with no teeth – she has no real details, plans, outlines, or anything else and if anything else, she sounds more like a First Lady — not a Vice-President.

Governor Sarah Palin showed me that as much as she purports to be a barracuda, she obviously has nothing of substance to sink her gums into…nothing at all. It is truly sad to watch and I understand that she just doesn’t understand but now I know….


And if you couldn’t figure it out yet, I am most definitely a supporter of Obama-Biden.

I am fired up! Ready to go! Senator Barack Obama-Senator John McCain ’08!!!!!

Interesting quotes from Sarah Palin:

“He knows what evil is” – speaking of John McCain…we must be in a comic book, I swear…

“Wasila, Main Street” – seriously, Sarah Palin?

“A bit more authority to the Vice-Presidency” – I do not want her as a repeat of Dick Cheney or with anymore power than is necessary

“He is the man that we need to leave!- her slip-up in talking about John McCain…but I couldn’t agree more with her!


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