Did I mention I love First Lady Michelle Obama?

September 28, 2008 § Leave a comment

When I see Michelle Obama, our soon-to-be First Lady, I see myself. 

Not the extremely fabulous woman…at least not quite yet. 

No, what I see is a woman who has a private school background, who is genuine, personable, smart, funny, giving, a tough cookie, loving, an Ivy League school alumnae, and a hopeful woman who understands the privileges she has been afforded and how important it is to somehow honor that privilege by using it to help others. Most importantly, I see a three dimensional woman who is human, who has her ups and downs, who gets angry and gets happy, who is extremely giving and is also suspectible to be wary of this world, who loves her family and who also takes time for herself — I see a woman who looks like me who is truly three-dimensional. Being able to see a woman, especially an African-American woman, who showcases her depth as a human being is ever so refreshing…it truly is. 

And being able to see myself in Michelle Obama shows me that there are women like myself who have come before me who are able to connect with people and inspire others – I can only pray that I will be able to do the same.

It is so beautiful to see her and recognize myself and my loved ones in her. It shows me that we do exist and we can in fact be loved right back for all the loving we give out to the world. That we can be three-dimensional and remain ourselves without compromising parts of who ourselves in order to have success in this life. Michelle Obama is proof that not only do we exist but we can also thrive. Yes we can.  😀



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