Beauty from the mouths of babes…

September 28, 2008 § Leave a comment

I am sitting here, crying…just crying my eyes out. But they are not sad tears…they are happy tears, lol.

You see, music brings me to tears. Beautiful music touches your soul, inspires you, and reminds you that we are human beings and there is true beauty that can come from our souls.

We live in cruel and cynical world…a very cruel and cynical world. And although there are plenty of times that I fall into the pattern of shaking my head, crawling into a corner, and wanting to hide from this cruel and cynical world — beautiful music always has a way of bringing me out, giving me the hope to keep my eyes focused on making some positive change in this world, and willing to face this world. 

Watching and listening to music that completely blows your mind, specifically watching young children sing — it reminds me that there is hope, there is beauty, there is positivity that can quite possibly wash away this cruel and cynical world. 

A few of the children who have had me crying here are below — please see their God-given talent below. 

Andrew Johnston –


Charice Pempengco –


Jamia Simone Nash –


Tiffany Evans –


Leon G. Thomas III –


Thank God for these children.


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