Live from the Presidential Debate….

September 27, 2008 § Leave a comment

So i am sitting here at my friend’s house, having a debate watch party. I am very excited to be a part of this moment in time – but let me talk about this debate right now.

Although I know that this debate is supposed to be focused primarily on foreign policy, I am slightly tired of hearing both of these candidates speak about Iraq and Afghanistan — i would much rather that they speak on the economy, healthcare, and education. As far as I am concerned, America cannot really do anything for the outside world and to truly protect ourselves overseas when we are not strong as a nation from the inside and outside. What we do with our foreign policy is a whole other issue but we also need to focus on what the hell we are gonna do here at home. If anyone is going to attack us, we know we can still protect ourselves in a military fashion because our military is still one of the strongest in the world. So my question is: what are we going to do about America? what are we going to do to build American lives again? what are we going to do to make America a stronger nation, not just in regards to our military, but in regards to our future ‘investments in our children, our financial health, and our physical health.


Well….since these two candidates insist upon discussing foreign policy issues right now….let us discuss it in the general vision we are trying to portray abroad. It is apparent that Senator John McCain does not exist in this day and age. Every time he answers a question, he is insistent upon giving the American people a history lesson instead of answering the questions with present-day information. Senator Barack Obama answers the questions as if he is in the present-day. Senator Barack Obama is young and is not as experienced as Senator John McCain…yes. However, anyone can read their history, social science, and political science texts – I was a political science major in college…I know all of the things Senator John McCain decided to speak on. However, not everyone can be as flexible and as observant of his surroundings and the motives of those around him. It is obvious McCain is all about who is on his side, who makes sense to him, and to basically ignore everyone else. However, that has not worked for us as we all can see how things are falling important in regards to economics, healthcare, foreign policy, and so many other areas that are affecting the American people. So maybe, just maybe, could it be that we need another way of approaching our problems and issues? Maybe….just maybe we need a new view, a new approach, a new understanding of the issues?!

It is very clear to me, even moreso after this debate, that Senator John McCain is not the right choice for the United States of America. He is not only on the wrong side of history, but he just wants to continue the same thinking that has unfortunately not worked at all for America. Not at all. So if we want to continue with the same thinking, then maybe we should vote for Senator John McCain. However, if we are willing to look forward, look forward to change and a new way of approaching the problems that exist and will arise in the face of the United States of America — we have no better choice than Senator Barack Obama.


Favorite Quotes of the Debate:

“look….i got a bracelet too” — Senator Barack Obama

“the average south korean is 3 inches taller than the average north korean” – Senator John McCain


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