Mugabe is still holding on…

August 10, 2008 § Leave a comment

But at least he and Tsvangirai are trying to work things out. At least I hope they really mean to work things out and put their egos to the side.

Zimbabwe deal may just work out…maybe?

Do I think that Mugabe should still be holding onto power after having power for so long? No, I think it is time for him to give others who are worthy and obviously have a good number of supporters a chance to be in charge. However, that is obviously my inner hippie speaking and hoping that Mugabe knows what it means to share and to actually step aside. I hope these things. But I know that will not be because Mugabe is used to having power, is power-hungry and it is just the nature of the beast of politics to hold on with fingers dug in and not quite let go until you have absolutely no choice left — look at the primary campaign between Hillary and Barack as a prime example.

So I will just let go of my pleas for Mugabe to just go and sit down, accept the beastly nature of politics, and just be grateful that Mugabe has put his ego a little to the side and decided to try and run the country with Tsvangirai close enough to him. Not so bad for a dude who has been in power for so damn long…maybe.


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