Music, dance, and kiddies — can’t get much better than that!

July 16, 2008 § Leave a comment

So, I have had a lot of personal reflections posted and a lot of angry rants about politics on here as well…however, I have not written alot about music. You see, music makes me smile, music brings me joy and calms me down, lifts me up, and helps me articulate and connect.

As I continue throughout 2008, I am learning and embracing how important music, singing, and dancing are to me. I believe in the arts, I believe in people tapping into their creative essence and abiity. You do not have to sing or dance or play an instrument in order to create. You do not have to paint or sculpt or act in order to create. No, all you need to do is understand the beautiful joy that comes from creating…and nurture that joy, nurture your power to create. As individuals learn of their ability to create in this life, they will begin to understand that they can and do contribute to this world every single day…every single day.

So….in the light of celebrating the beauty of creation, I am going to highlight a particular artist who I believe sings and plays from his soul and creates beautiful music. I am excited for his career and I hope that more and more people learn about him.

His name is Anthony David and he is just cool….real cool, lol. Now, I don’t know him personally, but I believe his lyrics and his voice connect with me and for that, I thank him for his music. So, please sit back and enjoy this artist who is on India.Arie’s record label, Soulbird Records.

This song is off of his latest album, Acey Duecy. However, he also has music from two other albums, Red Clay Chronicles and 3 Chords & The Truth.


In the world of dance, I just found out about this nonprofit called Song and Beat — isn’t the little boy on the homepage so damn cute?!?!

Anyways, the info on the organization is below and I was so touched by this organization because a) I love little kids…they make me happy and working with them is always interesting and fun because of their beautiful, crazy, and free personalities but also because it is Pan-African drum and dance and although I learned a lot of West African and Afro-Caribbean dance, I love it nonetheless and am always open to learning more about dance across the continent of Africa. So to be able to work with kiddies and experience African drum and dance would be fantastic.

Song & Beat is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, which supports the use of Pan-African Dance and Drum culture to inspire achievement, cultivate understanding, and improve society. Our program introduces Pan-African Dance and Drum culture to children of all ages. We teach the children about the country of origin, its musical instruments, songs, rhythms, movements and stories all while having a great time. We encourage group participation, which makes the experience all the more enjoyable and inspiring.”

I am hoping to get involved in the organization — the creator’s wife works with me, so she will keep me posted and I hope to keep you posted. So excited! LOL…


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