becoming a blog/writing addict….

July 12, 2008 § 1 Comment

I have not posted in over a week now and I must admit, it has sucked. It has sucked because I have failed to give myself a space to place my thoughts, thoughts that are just being born, just beginning to fly, or just those that are somewhere stuck in limbo. And it has made me one cranky woman. And I don’t really enjoy being cranky cuz then my really nasty side comes out and she is hard to get a hold of once she takes full rein….and then nothing I do, think, or say can make me happy cuz she managed to take a hold of my perspective. Now, I might sound crazy speaking of myself in such a dual sense, but whatever…it helps me to better understand me. And although I have been unable to write over these two weeks, I have definitely been writing down the various topics that touched me and that I wanted to write about. Oh….there are SO many things to write about….and this is how I know I have officially turned into a blog addict when I am more excited to be here, at my computer, about to write a series of blog posts (hopefully) instead of being outside with people my age. LOL….but no me importa….and so I begin….


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  • Brett says:

    I can definitely identify with catching the writing/blogging bug. I just started blogging again after a couple months and already I have so many thoughts, it is hard to keep up and get them all down on paper let alone in a form that I want to publish online.

    looking forward to continuing to read all your thoughts!

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