R. Kelly is a very sick man….and we are even sicker…

June 26, 2008 § 1 Comment

so I have to say that my first official blog post never really got the steam that it really needed…but here is a blog post that I felt needed to be made….it is quite angry and very much ‘rapid-fire’, but it is how I feel and how I will continue to feel about the mess that is R. Kelly and his disgusting trial….my blog posts will probably be more coherent in the future, but for now, here is my response to the article below…enjoy!

R. Kelly — Why do (some) Black women support him?!?!

hmmmmppphh…don’t even get me started on how disgusted i am by r. kelly himself…i have been disgusted with him for the past 6 yrs, just hoping that they would finally put his ass in jail…but now that he is gonna be running around, scot-free and being the Pied Piper again — I am even more thoroughly disgusted with him and the people (especially black people) who support him…

yes, at one point or another, it could be argued that he was a musical genius

yes, r. kelly made songs that made ppl wanna feel freaky and sexy and all that good stuff

and yes, r. kelly even sang inspirational music such as “i believe i can fly”

HOWEVER…..r. kelly has always been a freak — he has never hidden that from people and it is all over the place in his music, r. kelly married aaliyah when the child was 15 yrs old and ppl still don’t wanna believe it (probably so as not to taint the memory of aaliyah)….and r. kelly is just plain sick regardless of his one or two inspirational songs….

but as the article points out, he only continues to be sick because we, african-american people, continue to let him be sick….and for what?!

— so we can keep listening to his music?! im sorry but his music has become a bit played out to me and i wish he would sing about other topics…but the man has yet to grow up and seems to have the sex drive and sexual fantasies of a 17 yr old kid….

— or could it be so that ‘another black man doesn’t end up in jail’?! please….as Cochran famously said, “if the glove doesn’t fit, u must acquit”….which has me wondering how in the hell the jury acquitted nasty ass R. Kelly when the glove actually fit him, and so did the hat and the damn shoes!!!! I read an article that said that the jury all believed that it is him on the tape but that they just didnt feel that the witness (another young woman who had a long affair with) was credible enough

WHICH leads me to my last, but extremely important, point: WHY do we as African-American people and ESPECIALLY as African-American women continue to dog ourselves out?!?!?!?! Just because this young woman who testified against R. Kelly may have had a slightly sketchy past,
does that now mean that was she has to say is completely invalid? does that mean that we screw up our faces at her, shake our heads, and leave her standing in the dark with the truth blatantly in her hands?! does that mean, that we turn our backs on her in order to smile in the face of some nasty ass pedophile?!?!?!??! all because we think his music is good, or we think that he is fine (yuck!), or we think that we have to support our black men!? I ask myself….AT WHAT COST?! What
is it gonna take for us to wake up and realize that the only way that we can support our black men is if we begin to support ourselves — how can we demand respect when at the drop of a dime, we forget that we are deserving of respect?

Just as Black people in this country have long held a mirror in the faces of white people and white privilege in order to force them to not just understand but possibly make headway to repair the damage that they have inherited, WHEN are we going to begin to do the same thing for ourselves?!?!?! We are so busy being angry at EVERYONE ELSE for all of the pain that we have been through that we fail to realize and rightfully acknowledge the PAIN WE (AFRICAN-AMERICAN MEN AND WOMEN) HAVE DONE TO OURSELVES AND CONTINUE TO PERPETUATE…..WHEN ARE

read this Essence article on the interview that they conducted with the young woman who had testified (just as a reference point) —
Witness of R. Kelly Trial…left out to hang, literally?

this is the type of shit that makes me wanna cry….we have got to stop giving passes to people who do not deserve them and we have got to stop allowing our Black women from truly being the mules of the world….I mean, Zora Neale Hurston said that how long ago? And we are STILL here?!

ain’t that some shit…..


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