really mugabe? really?

June 25, 2008 § 1 Comment

In light of Morgan Tsvangirai’s withdrawal from the Zimbabwe elections due to the fatal violence against those who were supporting the concept of fair & free elections and/or Morgan Tsvangirai, I felt compelled to write something. And I have to ask Mugabe, really dude?

Do you really need to be in office AGAIN, Mugabe? Do you really need to be that power-hungry? I mean, Mugabe, u r 84 years old! (Info On Mugabe)

You are 84 years old Mugabe…in 6 years, u will be 90 — don’t u want to rest a bit?! You have been in office since 1987…which means for almost 21 years you have been in office. You don’t think that you are tired, not even a little bit? Tired of all the violence? Tired of all the corrupt rule? Tired of just plain being in power? I think it is ludicrous that you believe that your time in office is still beneficial to Zimbabwe. Mugabe, you should take a good look in the mirror and realize that it is high time to hang up your hat. Let someone else do the ruling for once — right?

Even Nelson Mandela has broken his silence on what is occurring now in Zimbabwe, you have lost your knighthood from Briton, and even President Bush believes that the vote this Friday is a sham & the U.S. will not recognize it…Mandela Speaks Out On Mugabe Foolishness
(even President George Bush — and we both know that he is a HOT A$$ MESS!) — would it not be best to bow out now? I gotta hand it to you Mugabe, you are truly a fighter (an unfair one, yes…but a fighter nonetheless) — but I think it is time to let it go and let new blood rule Zimbabwe.

Don’t you think so?

As an update — even my baby Lupe Fiasco (no, I don’t really know Lupe…but wouldn’t it be wonderful if I did…lol) agrees with me on Mugabe’s foolishness:

Lupe Agrees….


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