And so I begin….

June 8, 2008 § Leave a comment

So, a friend of mine sent me a link to this NY Times article that touched upon the campaign of Senator Hillary Clinton and the Sex and the City movie. Instead of writing an email, I decided to post on this blog…

Sexism: Hillary Clinton & Sex and the City

Personal reflection upon the article:

It is interesting to me that when I first read the article, my visceral reaction was to defend my choice (as a woman) to support the candidacy of Senator Barack Obama and then to point out all the ways that Senator Clinton bombed her own campaign. I was writing out an extremely long post that would have had me pointing out why I did not believe that Senator Clinton was the best choice for President of the United States of America, regardless of whether or not I would have loved to see a woman as our President. I was amped up to defend not only my desire to see Sex and the City but also my giddiness after having seen the movie (twice). And I was even prepared to distance myself from Judith Warner and her “type of feminism” that I as a young 23 year old woman may not be able to truly grasp let alone tout all over the place.

And in my preparation of this post that was going to be controversial and blasting, I happened to re-read Judith Warner’s piece so that I would be commenting correctly on her article. When I re-read the first paragraph, I realized that she was not attacking Senator Barack Obama, nor was she completely defending Senator Hillary Clinton’s, at times, appalling statements and actions. And then it hit me how powerful words are but how even more powerful it is to be mindful of not just what we say/write but also what we think and to always take a second to pause before the flurry of thoughts comes rushing out of one’s head.

After looking over Judith Warner’s article a second time, I realized that she is merely highlighting the covert and blatant sexism that took place during this primary season and the very little attention that the media gave it all. I was shocked by some of the things that Judith mentioned had been stated by persons in the media — and the fact that I am just now finding out about some of it is quite saddening to me. Why did I not see any of this? Hear any of this? Why was no one riled up? Why was there not a firestorm against all of this sexism floating around in the media?

Then I thought about a picture that I read about of Michelle Obama being assaulted by the KKK (the link is below):

Michelle Obama Being Depicted In A Terrible Light….Terrible…

and how this image was also barely spoken about in mainstream media…..

And I realize that silence is a very deadly weapon, especially when it comes to sexism.


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