I Need To Consolidate…

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Given the large number of places that I like to organize, outline and share my thoughts (outlined below), I really gotta find just one central platform that is simple and easy to use, doesn’t compel me to write a lot all of the time (as WordPress does) but still makes it easy for me to track how people are responding (as WordPress does) AND is easily accessible from a myriad of portable devices….and you would think this would be easy for me given that I’m in social media, right? Nope, I have too many choices…aaaahhh…someone help me!

Any suggestions?










Artist of the Week: Lupe Fiasco

March 14, 2011 § 1 Comment

Lupe Fiasco performing in Melbourne, Australia...

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I could never forget about my baby Lupe Fiasco – so I’m squeezing in another post in a six hour span. I love him – he is so f—ing dope. And please someone tell me he’s not — and I’ll say that you’re likely a fool.

Now that I got that clear…why is Lupe Fiasco my artist of the week (and overall crush)?

For starters, his third album (Lasers) dropped on March 8th and it was in the #1 and #2 spots on iTunes AND had sold 30K units from pre-order status. Now, to some that might mean nothing — but to me, this is a huge indication of people’s excitement to hear his latest album.

Besides my general happiness with the album (e.g. I was quite pleased with the production of the songs, the lyrics and overall feel of this album), I was also impressed with how Lupe and his team stepped up their efforts to actually promote this album and just his brand overall. As much as I love him, I’ve always been a bit frustrated with how he wasn’t fully utilizing social media networks to keep fans updated with his perspective, life, thoughts and ongoing projects — he did a bit but definitely not as much as he could (and I do this for a living, so my criticism is a bit more focused).

So, to see that this time around he was making sure to do the interview rounds, he was doing an album release countdown with Facebook/Twitter updates, he was releasing songs, alerting fans of whenever he was on UStream, showcasing merchandise that comes with the album and Livestreaming his album release concert — basically leveraging free tools to remind people of his album.

ALL of that helped to build even more hype around the already eagerly anticpated 3rd album from Lupe Fiasco (let’s not forget Fiasco Friday). And I was happy to see that for his brand — cuz I want his brand to grow, I want people to know who he is and why he is so great.

So, when I see his brand growing in the potential that I envisioned — that for me is the cherry on the cake and definitely makes him my artist of the week. Of course, having a tiny crush on him doesn’t hurt either, lol.  😉

Sometimes…you ain’t got ish to say…and that’s cool too…

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Usually, if I don’t have anything to say or write about – I just stay off of my blog.

But a good friend of mine just made a good point — I should write about not having anything to say. I mean, what brings us to that point where we lost all inspiration to create thoughts & words about the world around us? How do we become so disconnected that we just feel emptied out and hollow, with nothing to share? How does that happen? Is there a way to get it to stop? Or maybe it’s just a reflection of too many constraints placed on us?

I know the process of defining this blog has been really arduous for me. I made it into a big deal of what I should call it, how I should dress it up, what I should link to, what topics I should cover, the process of building a content calendar…and the list goes on. And now I’ve realized that none of that matters — what the hell is the point of dressing up the house if no furniture will ever be placed in it?

I’m sitting here, trying to make this blog ‘perfect’ (for who, God only knows) but forgetting about the most important part — actual freaking content. So, I said f–k it and just decided to write about nonsense. Why? Cuz I felt like it.

Life happens like that sometimes. No moral of the story here…no nice bow to wrap it up. Just…do you. Do ish in life because you want to…for no other reason than because you want to…and I promise you, you will be happy as a lark. Shoot…I feel better already.   😉

Mashable: Platform for Concertgoers Launches Android App in Time for SXSW

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This makes me wish for two things:

1. That I was finally at SXSW and experiencing the entire event.

2. That my Droid battery didn’t die so fast so I wouldn’t think to avoid getting this app.

However, for those who are at SXSW and have a better Android phone battery life — enjoy!

SuperGlued is a New York-based service that launched in 2009, and it’s basically a slicker version of “Foursquare for bands,” Flowd — but more focused on fan utility.

Music fans can use the apps and website to find upcoming shows in their area, and interact with those shows by tweeting, posting photos, checking in via Foursquare, and browsing other checkins and social media shares — all within the app. One can also purchase tickets via the service, and create a profile detailing favorite and past concerts.

Previously, SuperGlued was only available on the iPhone [iTunes link], but now an Android app has hit the market.

Now, Droid-toters can download the app to check out a calendar of SXSW shows, sorted by day, artist or venue; create their own schedules; see where their friends are located in real time; learn about bands; see what others are saying via Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare; and add friends via an integration with the aforementioned services.”

via Platform for Concertgoers Launches Android App in Time for SXSW.

Why Hasn’t Anyone…

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This post is inspired by Chris Brogan’s “Failures and Successes”

Say What You Need To Say

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I love stories.

To prove my point, here is a quick one I absolutely love.

To me, great storytelling is an art, — one that is predominantly focused on your audience, not you. It’s a mixture between art and technology — how use the technology at hand to convey the art (and inherent beauty) in you wish to share. But you have to start with the story — not the technology.

I’m in the space of social media marketing and before that, I was in the space of email marketing. And its all good…hell, some would even say its great that I have experience in these spaces. But none of it matters if my story sucks. No one would hire me if they didn’t connect with me on some level, you know? No one would want me around if they didn’t resonate with, on some level, what story I’m telling.

So, instead of running around trying to get the ‘right’ experience, the ‘best’ recommendations or even the ‘greatest’ clothes (as tempting as all of it is more often than not), focus on your story. It sounds cheesy and ish…but its true. Otherwise, you end up as a sorry copycat of someone else’s awesome story and actually fail to connect with people since people can sense inauthenticity a mile away.

And so, before I head back to my afternoon of work and consumption of cool stories, I leave you with these two questions to help you on your way to building your story:

What about you connects with other people?

At the end of the day, what is it that you really need to say to the world?

I Say It Again…Social Media + Music = YES!

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I keep beating this one over the head and I am sure that lots of others within the digital space do as well…but its because we have to. No one seems to hear us if we don’t, lol.

music fans communicate via social media more than consumers of any other entertainment medium” — if this statement doesn’t ring a bell with those within the music industry (and entertainment industry as a whole), I’m not sure what will. Artists have to follow their fans and everyone else will follow the fans — so all those still ignoring social media, it ain’t going anywhere. It remains a powerful space for artists to tell their stories and for fans to connect & tell their own stories. A whole gorgeous space full of stories — so yea, get excited.

Grammys’ Social Media Rock Star Summit: Music Fans at the Forefront of Digital Culture – Los Angeles Music – West Coast Sound http://bit.ly/heLWV4

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